Thursday, January 15, 2009

yay for books!

I just stumbled upon The Blogging Bookworm's blog which is very exciting.  I can't wait to add her blog to my list of blogs I follow!  Although I'm trying not to give into consumerism, I think books are one thing that aren't so bad to buy because if you buy the right ones they educate you and make you a better person (Hopefully). And of course, unlike a lot of other products books are recycleable.  These past few years I barely bought a single book because "I never had any money" (Which is still the case) but despite not having money I still bought clothes, dvds, and other various crap that has done nothing to enrich my life. So now that I won't be purchasing any more of that kind of crap (hopefully) I'll have a few extra bucks to buy great books and I can't wait to check out some of the books the blogging bookworm has mentioned! :)

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