Wednesday, January 14, 2009

green apartment complexes!!! <3

I keep coming up with ideas I wish I had the power to make into reality. I've always been a huge advocate of solar power and if I owned my own house I would totally have solar panels on my roof! But unfortunately I like in apartment. I live in a run down, crappy apartment owned by a jerk who only cares about him self and his money.  He doesn't fix major things that need to be fix (like gas leaks or leaking showers that are filling the walls around it with mold) and keeps having the apartment manager rip all the lovely plants growing in the little plot of land out side my apartment and has dryers that don't work, and doesn't fix them so people have to run the dryers twice as long to get their clothes dry (and even then still aren't 100% dry).  I heard a rumor that he's wanting to sell the complex. I just had a vision of buying the apartment and turning it into a green apartment building.  First would be fixing everything that needs to be fix and replacing all appliances and fixtures with energy efficient ones that are better for the environment.  Then the next step would be to place solar panels on the roof which could supply the whole complex with power.  Then, a really simple step...getting recycling bins for the complex! And one of the more fun ideas....getting rid of the crappy pool that no one ever uses that continues to consume tons of water and replacing it with a garden!  It would be a self sustainable apartment complex supplying its own energy and food! How awesome would it be to live in an apartment complex like that!?!?  I've never really been into wanting money but its times like this where I wish I did have a bunch of money so I could make something amazing like this come to reality! Or at least be able to find someone who has lots of money who would maybe share my dream of a complex like that and have them make an offer to the evil landlord. *sigh* If I was smart and innovated enough I could find a way to raise money or find a sponsor who could donate enough to make this green dream a reality but unfortunately I don't have enough smarts to know where to starts :P

So far this past week and a half the only thing I've bought is food products and most of those being bought at the farmers market.  I did, however, give into one evil thing due to not bringing enough food with me to work.  I had to go to the grocery store to buy stamps for work and ended up buying a big bag of peanut butter m&ms :( Not only do I feel guilty for subjecting my body to eating them but I keep getting an image of a plastic m&m bag dancing around.  There is now one extra piece of plastic that will end in the land fill because of my selfish want for something I didn't need. :/ Hopefully it will be my last :P

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to make pumpkin bread completely from scratch!  Hope it turns out well.

My lettuce plants seem to be doing ok I think.  Some of the lettuce leaves had turned yellow but I'm thinking that maybe I just wasn't giving them enough water?  I hope its not bugs!  I'm torn between not buying anything/spending money and wanting to go out and get more plants to grow!  I want to try to grow more strawberries (I had a plant a year and half ago that was growing lovely strawberries but my apartment manager ripped them out of the ground :() At this point if I do decide to go buy more plants, if any of them get ripped out I'm telling the land lord that I'm taking to cost of the plants out of my rent check!

I'm also going to attempt to grow my own cat nip (both for my own kitties and for work, which is an awesome cat boarding place) If it grows well and the kitties like the toys I will try to make and sell them on Etsy.  

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