Monday, January 12, 2009

come back lettuce!

On Wed. I planted some lettuce plants.  I thought I was doing really well. I had nice potting soil, I'd been watering them every day.  I didn't buy fertilizer since it was kinda expensive and I knew I was going to (hopefully) have wormies soon which means I'd have the worm tea to use but I thought I was doing well....Last night I looked at them and the outer leaves are turning yellow :( I'm so sad about this.  I was excited to think that I could actually harvest my own lettuce! but now it seems like the plant might be dying but I have no idea why :(

I went to the farmers market today and got a basket of strawberries, some broccoli, grapes, a sack of mixed potatoes, and a bunch of oranges for $20! How fantastic!

Last night I went on a full moon hike with like 25 other people!  It was really neat!  It felt great being out in nature again (instead of being surrounded by asphalt and brick buildings)  It was amazing seeing the full moon rise over the mountain and it was so nice to finally get to see the stars again (In the city usually you can only see two or three stars :() One of the people I was hiking with was talking about Portland, OR and how its a great place.

A few years back when I was single I seriously was considering moving to Portland but I just assumed that since it was in the north that it got pretty cold so that prevented me from thinking any further about it.  It seemed like a really great place to live!  The guy that mentioned Portland said that it actually doesn't get that cold up there.  It sounds pretty similar to where I grew up to so the weather seems to be something I could probably handle. He also said that Portland is really green and has more bike paths than any other city and that their transportation system is really really good.  Now I really want to move there but unfortunately that won't be possible since the guy I'm dating can't move :(

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