Sunday, January 4, 2009

Local farmers market!

Up until now I didn't really know much about farmers markets and thought the only one around here was the one on 3rd street which is far from me (about 30-40 min drive because the traffic in that area is so bad :/) but seemed expensive too and never was an appealing thing to want to do.  After I learned about the benefits of farmers markets I looked to see if there were any other ones near by and discovered that there a bunch so today I was finally able to check one out that is actually only a couple miles away (maybe less then 2 actually?) It was very exciting!  There were so many different kinds of fruits and veggies and even some I'd never heard of or see before.  Everything looks good and healthy and most the stuff there was actually cheaper then what you'd pay in the grocery store. (I was expecting everything to cost a little more).  There was one vendor in particular I really liked. I believe their name was Etheridge Farms?  It was mostly citrus food.  The guy was very friendly and had samples for everyone to try.  The fruit was so delicious! And they were all organic.  I bought a couple different kinds of oranges from him, plums and a well, I can't even remember the name of it.  Melliope? or something like that.  Its a fruit from Asia that is kind of like a grape fruit but way yummier.  

After going to the Farmers Market I thought "Why doesn't every one buy their produce here instead of going to the chain grocery stores?!?"  The food is for the most part cheaper, usually better quality and so much better for the environment and supports the local farmers and builds community.  I think one reason is just simply people not knowing about them.   Not being aware of them or the many benefits.  I'm super excited to finally know about them and can't wait to go back next week! :)

Edit: I forgot to mention the awesome food I got at the farmers market!  I was able to get a hand full of clementines, a basket of strawberries, a bundle of spinach, two big oranges, 4 plumbs, and that pomello (or whatever the name of that fruit was) for under $13!  It filled almost a whole cloth target bag and I payed less then $13 for it all! Yippie!

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