Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sad :(

I'm getting discouraged about the whole worm situation :( I decided I wanted to buy the worms locally to help cut down carbon emissions but it looks like thats just not going to be possible. I keep going to different Osh's because I was told they carry worms and having no luck.  Yesterday I even called one by my work and they said they had red worms.  I drive out there even though I didn't feel like it to go get me some wormies and not only were they not red worms but the "bucket of worms" was empty.  So today I called like 10 different gardening centers around town (I live in the San Fernando Valley, Ca) and no one carried worms.  I finally found a place in Santa Monica that said they had worms so I drove down there (took me 2 hours round trip to get there thanks to rush hour) I get there and found the box of worms and had them open it up to make sure there were worms in there but nope, no worms :( They only had two boxes of worms and neither had worms in them :(  I did get some lettuce and brocolli plants but I could have gotten those at a closer garden center.  I didn't need to drive 2 hours to get those :/ Looks like I have no option but to buy them on line which, not only will it cost me more money but won't be as environmentally friendly either :(  I've been waiting to get worms for two months now.  I feel like I'm never going to get them.  Lets cross our fingers!

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