Thursday, January 22, 2009

Japanese Garden <3

I have to start limiting myself to only spending $10 a week at the farmers market (and technically thats more then I should be spending). I'll be nice when I'm not so far in debt :/. This past weekend I got to take my boyfriend to the Farmers Market for the first time. I had fun with him. I'm not sure he's sold on the idea though :/ He did end up buying a few things though yay! While I was there, even though it put me $3 over my budget I bought a cute knitted hat from The Senior Citizen Enrichment Program. I know how to knit a few kind of hats but the one I bought was way more complicated then I could ever knit and it was nice being able to support that organization.

After going to the farmers market, Tim and I checked out a beautiful japanese garden thats only about a mile and half away from me. This is the first time I'd ever been. It was so peaceful and pretty! I'm going to make it a habit of going there often. What's interested about this japanese garden is that its right next to a water treatment facility. You can even go up on a look out and view the facility. Very interesting...Anyways, I can wait to go back to the garden! My goal is to bike there. I'll bring my book "Radical Simplicity" :) Next time I go I'll take pictures and post them!

I was worried about my worms for a second because it didn't seem like they were eating anything but luckily it looks like they started eating! Yay! I'll have to post some pictures soon of my worm bin :)

I'm on a quest to find out how to make Home made organic, natural body wash. With the No Poo diet for my hair I'm eliminating shampoo and conditioner. I just need to find something to replace my body wash. I suppose I could go buy an organic soap bar but I kind of prefer body wash plus I love making my own stuff so it would be awesome if I could start making my own body wash!

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