Monday, January 26, 2009

bad little shopper

I had to go to Target with my boyfriend because we were both out of kitty litter and Target is usually cheaper then the grocery stores. Target is a dangerous place for me! They have such cute stuff! Unfortunately I gave into temptation :( I told myself I was only going to buy cat litter, a tooth brush and a catnip plant if they had one. I had been wanting another aluminum water bottle so when I saw a really pretty one on an end shelf I meandered over and picked that up. Then my boyfriend asked me where I got it because he had been wanting one so we went over to the water bottle isle. They had plastic ones on sale for $5 which was more then half the price of the aluminum one so I gave in and bought the plastic one instead :( Then I saw a cute food container that was shaped as a cows head. I know, sounds weird but it was soooo cute (and I've always collected cow things) so I gave into that as well :( I almost nearly bought a t-shirt that had a peace symbol made out of green leaves and trees (It really was a cool shirt and I probably would have worn it every week!) but my boyfriend made me put it back because I really technically couldn't afford it :/ The one great purchase I did make that wasn't on my list was plants! They didn't have my cat nip plant :( but they did have strawberry plants and broccoli plants for only $1.25 each!!! I got two strawberry plants and a broccoli plant. I kinda wish I had gotten more! Even though I gave into temptation and bought a few things that 1. I didn't need 2. were made out of plastic, I did better then I ever have in Target! Normally I probably would have walked out of there with a lot more stuff! (They has THE cutest owl pillow/stuffed animal thing. It was so hard to put it back after squishing it to my face and feeling how soft and squishy it was. I will dream of her :)

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