Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Growing up in a small town (in a suburb, sorta) I didn't really have a sense of community. In fact, I didn't even really have a sense of the meaning of community. (Just like in my last post), once I moved to LA and became involved in the sustainability movement, I started to get an understanding of what community meant and why it is important. Ever since I learned about the Eco Village I wanted to either live there or start my own eco village! Unfortunately neither of those were an option :( Starting a community garden definitely ties into this but I also have been wanting to start community dinners. I'm not sure how willing the people in my community would be to participate but I'd like to try and find out. I have a eutopian view a bunch of community members sitting around sharing a nice bowl of salad, some bread and a good conversation!

The way we change and grow

Growing up in Florida I never once thought about farming or where my food came from. It was a disconnect that most Americans experience. I then moved to California (Los Angeles in specific) which is somewhat near agricultural regions. Some times I would drive threw these regions when visiting my brother or while on other trips. So I started to become a little more familiar with agriculture and kinda seeing what it was about (but still pretty disconnected). But then I started getting back to my true roots of being environmentally conscious and started to read things and started to learn. I started to realize the relationship between myself, the food I eat and the environment. I started realizing how important it is for us to be aware of this connection. I realized that eating locally, or even better, growing our own is very important, both for our health and for the health of the environment.
Starting last summer it became my passion to try and turn old, over grown lots around the city into community gardens! It seems silly to me that we would just let these empty lots just sit there, being graffitied and untaken care of when we could be using that space to grow food for people and to reconnect communities who have lost the sense of community. This past year has been so busy for me though, that I have barely had any time whatsoever to devote to making my dream a reality. And one thing that has been kind of scaring me is the fact that I don't know how to grow (or keep alive) anything! How can I start a community garden when I don't even know how to grow plants!
Threw someone in the environmental industry I heard about a documentary called "The Garden" about a South central farm that some women started in the city! Immediately I wanted to see the documentary! (but unfortunately I've been so busy I haven't even had time to watch it :() but then I met someone at school that actually works at the South Central farm! (which has been moved to Bakersfield). He mentioned that people can volunteer at the farm! I am very excited to be able to have the opportunity to volunteer at the farm and see what growing food is all about!!! I feel like this is a good first step to starting a community garden!