Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm a busy bee!

I wish I had buzy bees of my own! lol

I thought I was going to have so much free time this month to work on being no impact but nope! no free time at all! Between working 50+ hours, going out of town two weekend, volunteering for Tree People on one out of two of my days off the other two weekends and getting involved in several groups, I've barely had any time to try to be no impact as possible :/ BUT I have hopefully been making an environmental difference in other ways. I've become a part of the leadership team of California Student Sustainability Coalition, I've helped take care of trees and out reached for Tree People, I've been meeting with my campus environmental club, I've joined the Sustainability committee for the Downtown Neighborhood council and will hopefully be starting a sustainability committee for the Sherman Oaks neighborhood Committee. Once school starts I'll only be working 40 hours but I'm hoping once school starts I'll still have time to keep up with everything and continue to help out! I don't want to burn out and I wanna make a difference. I hope I can keep the steam going!