Friday, January 23, 2009

pills, pills, pills!

Ok so this isn't 100% green talk but it is still something very important. As everyone is well aware of America has a huge problem with obesity. Its very sad and tragic to see so many people, so over weight. And well, you don't even need to be "over weight" to be out of shape and unhealthy. So many people have so many medical problems which makes them chained to so many prescription drugs. I don't have a percentage here (I'm sure I could find out if I looked) but a huge amount of those prescriptions could be banished forever (in each humans life) if they started working out, eating healthy and started taking care of themselves. It almost sounds too simple. "Eating healthy and exercising will keep me from having to be on all these meds? Impossible! I won't believe it!" But its the truth. American's spend billions of dollars every year paying for prescription drugs that, with a little bit of exercising and a few fruits and veggies, could be taken out of their monthly budgets. Various sleeping pills, cholesteral meds, anti-depresents, diabetes meds, blood pressure meds...I could go on and on...could all be taken out of the common American's diet with the right daily choices. Plus they have done studies that show that Obese people cause twice as much pollution and environmental damage as people who are at their propper weight. Just like achieving any goal, it takes baby steps. Loosing weight can be daunting and very hard to do but everyone needs to see the amazing benefits, realize that it does take time and have confidence and it can be done. I live my life by the moto "anything is possible" and I truly believe it!

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