Thursday, January 15, 2009

Star Bucks and volunteering

Ok, I've always some what disliked star bucks just for the simple fact that there seems to be a gazillion of them take up precious land that could be used for much better things such as centers for homeless people or a place for victims of abuse could go.  But lately I'm starting to change my opinion of them slightly.  I've been a huge advocate of raising money and helping people suffering with HIV and Aids and in December for every drink purchased from one of their menus they would donate I think $.5 cents to people in Africa inflicted with aids and on Nation Aids Day every drink purchased had money donated.  

And now they are giving a free tall coffee to anyone who volunteers 5 hours starting on Jan. 21st.  At this point its not even about getting that free coffee.  Its about doing something great for your community! and having someone like Star Bucks to back you.  If anyone is interested you can go to:

And if you need idea's for volunteering you can go here:
President-elect Obama is asking everyone to volunteer on Martin Luther King weekend!  I love this man!  I'm excited for him to be our president.  

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