Sunday, December 7, 2008

what about tooth brushes?

I asked my room mate if he had any old tooth brushes he was going to throw away so I could recycle them but he said no because he buys his tooth brushes from Its a website that sells products that are 100% recycled!  You can get tooth brushes, razors, kitchen wear and more!  When you buy a tooth brush (or anything else from them) you know that its made with 100% recycled materials and that you can send it back to them to be recycled again! Its a great website!  

And what about those pesky yogurt containers?  I always get mad when I have to throw my togurt containers in the trash!  Well now both you and I don't have to any more! Send them to  And they will turn those yogurt containers (and any #5 plastic) into all those great products I just mentioned!

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Crafty Green Poet said...

another good type of toothbrush is the one that has a handle that lasts for years with replaceable heads, it saves a loit of plastic...