Wednesday, December 3, 2008

reducing my debt, my clutter and helping the environment

I've always been some what of a shopaholic.  I think I was using shopping and buying new things as a way to keep myself happy.  My room is FILLED with junk, half of it I never use.  My debt is out of control now, mostly due to not being able to control my spending habit.  But now that I'm becoming more aware of the impact everything has on this planet my shopping habits are changing.  By buying less I'm helping myself get out of debt and helping the environment.  I've gotten to the point where going to stores actually makes me mad.  It makes me think of all the consumer whores out there (people like me) who shop, shop, shop and buy things they don't really need.  Buying things just to buy things.  Now adays when I go to a store and I see something that looks pretty or I think I want, I stop and tell myself that its just one more thing that'll end up in the land fill eventually, and its one more thing the store will have to replace which means more smog from factories flowing into our air and more resources being consumed. (sorry for the long run on sentence).  I'm probably not making my point very clear. People need to be more aware that buying needless stuff is bad for the environment.  Especially now at Christmas time when everyone is buying stuff to give to others as presents.  Half the stuff will probably end up in the trash anyways.  

For xmas this year partially because I'm broke and partially because I don't want to be apart of the problem by buying junk my family doesn't even need I'm taking old shirts that were probably going to end up in the garbage and making them into produce bags.  Bags everyone in my family can take to the grocery store and put their fruits and veggies in, instead of using the nasty plastic bags the grocery stores provide.  I'm very excited.   


Crafty Green Poet said...

I like the idea of making produce bags from old shirts.

I've never been much of a shopper, until it comes to second hand books..... Yes I do have a problem there (though books aren't needless and second hand is recycling...)

Mberenis said...

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