Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I have never really believed in New Years resolutions but I guess I've already made some resolutions and since I made them so close to the new years I may as well call them new years resolutions.  Some of the changes I want to make in my life to try to be greener are: 1.Attempting to grow my own veggies.  So far as to date I've pretty much killed any plant I've ever tried to grow (even cactus's :() but I'm hoping maybe if I just study up on plant growing maybe I'll find some wisdom on how to keep my plants alive.  I want to start planting stuff now but I'll probably be moving in about two months and don't know what kind of land/space I'll have so I may have to wait until then to start growing :(
2.I want to learn to make my own bread.  Not only would it eliminate pollutions made from the factories that make bread but would also eliminate all the terrible plastic packaging. Like growing plants, cooking and baking is also another thing I'm really bad at but I've always believed in the saying "practice makes perfect" so I'm hoping to perfect the art of bread making :)
3. Buying the fruits and veggies I can't grow at local farmers markets 
4. Track down wormies for my worm composting bin
5. Reduce the amount of meat and dairy I consume.  I'm a very picky eater :/ and will probably never be able to cut them out of my diet 100% but hopefully cutting them out most of the time will have at least a little bit of good impact on the environment
6. Try to learn something new every day about how to live sustainably and help protect the environment
7. Try to start shopping at local markets and buy things in bulk or without packaging (when I can afford it :/)
8. Reduce the amount of plastic I purchase and dispose of

These are just a few things I've been thinking about this past month or so.  Hopefully the more I learn the more I'll be able to add to this list :)  Happy New Years and Live Green :)

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