Friday, April 10, 2009

two halves

I guess for the next few weeks while I'm still unpacking my posts will be few and far between and will be short. I need to vent and figured this would be the best place to do it. A couple of weeks ago I was at a wedding and they had potted flowers as center pieces (Kudos to them for having live, planted plants as center pieces!) At the end of the wedding they were telling everyone to take a center piece so I took two :) My boyfriend didn't seem to want me to take any but I took two. I was busy and forgot to water them and they started to wilt a little. Knowing at least a little about plants and flowers I knew they would come back if I stayed diligent about watering them...but I never had a chance boyfriend threw them away! Not only was I upset because I think the flowers were pretty and I knew they weren't dead but it also upset because they were planted in nice clay pots. Even if I had no use for them (which I totally needed some clay pots!) but even if I didn't need them I could have given them to some one else that did. I don't know people's mentality to just throw everything away without thinking about it for a second. "its more convienent" Donating something, or finding something a good home is too much of a hassle for most people. And it makes me sad that my boyfriend is one of those people :(

Does anyone else have the problem of their significant others not being in sync with them about environmental issues and whatnot?

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