Friday, April 3, 2009

long time!

I'm finally back on line! Between packing, moving, unpacking and pretty much not having internet for almost 2 months I'm finally back! I have so much a I wanna write about that its overwhelming and I don't know where to start.

I'm sad to say that I may be giving up on my hand made worm bin. It doesn't seem to be doing very well and it doesn't seem like the wormies are eating (but it might be because I don't have enough worms? ) I planted a potato and that thing is growing like crazy!!! lol I'm excited. I hope I can actually grow potatos!

I was sad when I moved to my new apartment complex because there was no recycling bins but less then a week after moving in and recycling bins magically appeared! Yay! I hope that encourages all the tenants To recycle!

Up until now this blog has only been strickly about green stuff but I think I shall also add blogs about crafting (which is still sorta green) cos most of my crafting is upcycling stuff anyways. Hopefully I'll have more time to post reciepes and pictures and what not. But for right now I suppose I should go unpack some more :/ :)

A FEW LINKS TO CHECK OUT! -A website to pledge to buy hand made things! Be sustainable and buy hand made! - A group of guys who buy red shirts from Good Will and screen print their logo and sell the shirts to raise awareness about Aids and100% of the proceeds to support grassroots AIDS initiatives in Afric -you can pledge to not buy any new clothes for a year and only make/buy used clothes for a year!

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