Friday, April 10, 2009

my book dilemma

Trying to be more eco-friendly it seems obvious that when wanting to read a book to either buy it used, borrow it or what not. But then at the same time if its a good book that deserves credit it would be nice for the author to get some of that credit, yes, by making some cash, but to also know they sold X amount of books. Especially for the eco books out there that probably don't reach as wide of an audience. I probably will end up just going to libraries or buying used but I feel bad that the author won't be benefiting from it, especially since book sales are declining and book stores are slowly shutting down :/

Since January I haven't really bought anything I didn't need (aside from a few plants, seeds and stuff like that). I use to be a huge shop-a-holic. It was really bad. I'd see something I like and felt like I HAD to have it. I had no control. I am thousands of dollars in debt because of it and have enough stuff to last 3 people a life time :/ Its hard managing all this stuff I have. I'm slowly trying to get rid of it. In the past I think I used shopping to fill some sort of void. I used it as a way to make myself happy. I thought I'd have a hard time not spending money but its been suprisingly easy! Granted, trying to be more earth friendly definitely helps curb my spending habits. But looking back these past 3 months I'm surprised at how well I've done with not buying anything!!!

I'm hopeful about the economic state this country is in. I know its tough (I especially feel the weight of all this because of how much debt I'm in and not having any money to pay off that debt and constantly worrying how I"m going to get money to eat or what not) but I'm hoping this tough time will make people find more creative, eco-friendly ways to live. They did it during the great depression, we can do it now. I'm hoping that by people struggling to make ends meat that we'll all consume less and that in turn will help the earth.

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JoMo said...

Spend less, recycle more...You can do it! What a great goal. I relate to your book dilemma, there are pros & cons on each side of that debate. I'm a huge book lover & I really want to support authors, but I also want to save the trees.
I've been a member of for several years, which is like a worldwide library. It's fun & it helps save a tree. I'm also a fan of the local library, an amazingly good expenditure of taxpayer dollars.
Cheers & keep being green!