Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Story of Stuff!

Once again I'm having problems posting direct links to videos :( I just watched a rad video "Story of Stuff" I'm sure many have already seen it yay! but for those who haven't they should watch it! its a great video! If only every person in America could be shown this video. That would be great!


There is one thing that scared me while watching this video...I thought that maybe because of this economic hardship we're going threw here in the us that it would encourage people to not consume so much (which I think is somewhat happening) but in this video she mentions that in the 50's when the economy was down they created a system of consumerism to boost the economy. Now I'm really scared that this economic downfall will boost consumerism even more then it was before hand. Hope thats not the case! I hope the times are changing!

These past couple of days I have been contemplating only buying from second hand store. It may take me a little longer to find what I need but I think its a good idea :)

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