Thursday, January 14, 2010

"these are a few of my favorite things"

A few small things I've done the past few weeks to have less impact:

1. when I do have to eat out :/ I don't put lids on my drinks to keep my plastic consumption down. I also re-use the straws.
2. renting books at the library instead of buying them
3. trying to stick to eating food that don't come in packaging (which so far only consists of fruits and veggies)
4. using cloths to clean up messes instead of paper towels
5. switched to a tooth paste that doesn't have sodium laurel sulphate in it
6. Pledging to buy nothing new for one year (only buying used, or borrowing)

Things I need to work on
1. watch less tv
2. drive less
3. I've had 3 sodas in the past two weeks, but would be preferable to cut soda out completely
4. learn to grow things and not kill the things I grow

projects to try when I get back into town next weekend:
1. make my own toxic free hand soap
2. make my own toxic free shampoo
3. check out other farmers markets and try to find local dairy farmers who treat their animals well to buy milk from

mans best friend:
Vinegar and baking soda-they can be used to clean everything! counter tops, bathrooms, your hair and teeth! The list goes on!

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