Thursday, December 17, 2009

end of the year

Well, this semester is finally over so now it is all quite and peaceful for a while. A little more than a year ago I started my journey of sustainable living but only made to about 6 months in. There are still some things I do that are "sustainable" like always bringing my own coffee mug to star bucks but after the 1st 6 months I felt like a failure....Every loaf of home made bread I made was a disaster, I killed all my worms in my worm bin and I killed all the fruits and veggies I tried to grow. And after having many wonderful, successful trips to the farmers market I feared going back after eating califlower that was covered in bugs :/. But I think perhaps maybe I tried taking on too much new stuff all at once? Perhaps I should focus on one thing and not try to tackle a new thing until I conquer the 1st thing.

I have had a few things work out...I've started establishing contact with Tree People (an LA based organization that helps the community plant trees) I joined my schools environmental club and I held 2 showings of No Impact Man, which went pretty well. I also attended a convergence up at UC Santa Cruz held by California Student Sustainability Coalition and will be attending a leadership retreat of theirs in Jan.

I have all this stuff I want to do and accomplish but I feel like once school starts in Feb. my life will get hectic again and I'll go back to being too busy to do anything :/

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