Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm back!

So I've been gone for a while. Between being sick and not having internet for over two weeks I haven't been able to come on and read anyone's blogs :( or post.

The latest news is I'm moving to a new apartment! I'm super excited! I love my new apartment! The only thing bad about it is it isn't designed green. I had wanted to find a green apartment but it seemed like there weren't really in this area. I finally found one and went to go see it. It was amazing!!! The apartment was beautiful! It had duel pane windows to conserve air and heat to reduce energy. All appliances we energy efficiant, the paint they use is low VOC, they have recycling bins EVERYWHERE and the office even uses all recycled paper. I think it had some other green qualities to but I can't remember what they are. The apartment had a little gym and a movie theater! But unfortunately it was a little small and a little out of my boyfriend and I's price range :( The apartment we decided to rent is huge! But one awesome quality is that there are plants and trees all over the premesis!!! It feel like being out in nature when I walk out side my apartment! and of course it has a large patio so I can grow lots of plants and what not.

I'm sad because all my lettuce plants died :( I think I'm going to have to go buy 'idiots guide to gardening/growing veggitables' :( I'm super bummed that they died. I thought I was doing everything right...luckily my broccoli and strawberries still look good!

I also don't think I did my worm bin right because the worms aren't eating any of the food and there are other bugs in there now :( I thought I had followed the instructions exactly the right way but I must have done something wrong...

I've been doing great on not buying things! Aside from buying my books for school and food I don't think I've bought any the last two months! Its exciting! :)

Today I made my own fresh, low sugar strawberry jam! I haven't been able to try it yet though because I burned my mouth learning how to eat fire last night :/ But I can't wait to try my strawberry jam! If it works and tastes good I'll post the recipe

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